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The Chronicle between You and Me

너와 나의 연대기 

   Among the books collected so far, classical literature novels were classified as the most books discarded in the library due to their physical use. So, the question of whether the similar narrative structures that make up our memories were influenced by classical novels encountered in childhood led to the work Melting Strata, 2020. In 2021, even in the same memory structure, how come ‘You and I’ crossed each other and just passed by, I expressed this idea as an installation work that words including gaps between them flow in noise by using a timing belt from automobile parts.

   Previously, clues from literary records that the author did not exist in the same time and space became the beginning of the work. Then, through the citizen participation project planned and conducted during 2020-2021, I had an opportunity to work using the emotional records of 200 citizens as sketches. From this work, I came to feel, perhaps natural truth, that our lives are shining in time like a short story novel and that records are a confession enabling people to endure time. So, the way of working changed from ‘collection’ to ‘reply,’ and it ended up mapping out works on our chronology by sharing between 'I and You.'

   And in recent years, where physical face-to-face has become difficult, using way of Letters for translating people's present moment into sculptures, the work The Chronicle between You and Me, 2021 about living and disappearing in the passage of time has been under progress.

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