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2018〈 廣場為你 : 너를 위한 광장 〉

Pier-2 Art Center, C8-20 Young Gallery, 가오슝, 대만 (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

(대만 원주민 인터뷰 기반 프로젝트)




Square for you 

Wonjin Kim

 My work is about the memory which metamorphoses and gets forgotten as time passes. The moment defined as the present is overlapped with the past which continually clings to, and the past moment approaches in different scenes through the encounter with the new present.

 In this Project of my work in Taiwan, I met three aboriginal people who speak Pengnan, Paiwan, Atayal, and interviewed them to collect words in their memories and to talk about personal memories related to them. I transformed these collected sounds into various frequencies to visualizing their vanishing language of their memory. Through these works, I want to visualize Letter from past memories of Taiwan. The ‘A Chronicle of the Moment – Letter(書信)’ was performed through the process of finding frequencies hidden in vanishing language and reinterpreting them with my drawing process. Their language doesn’t have letter(字) and have sound only, but it contains a flow of time. So, through this work, I want to express their language in a visual language. A series of  ‘Square for you’ is made by topped layer by layer. I wanted to express the diversity of Taiwan's horizontal and vertical diversity, where various aboriginal cultures existed and now various cultures are mixed. By stacking up the layer, Segmented pieces are reconstructed and newly produced flow from this reconstruction visualizes. The piece was made to metaphor a square(廣場) of memories of Taiwan through the cross-sections of the square(方形) when looked from the side. 

 I think lost memories of vanishing language also experience generative metamorphosis in your mind. Hiding moments compose the flow in each one’s memory system and they are re-produced in stronger form than their substance, so I tried to express about my interpretation of the memory with through vanishing language through my drawing on paper and space. Through this exhibition, I want to metaphorize square (廣場) of Taiwan’s memory through my collage work of little square (方形) pieces.


A Chronicle of the Moment  Letter(書信), Colored Pencil on Paper, Collage, Variable installation, 2018
대만 원주민 후손 인터뷰 기반, Based on Interview with Lang Kuy – Bakaluku (Pengnan) / Batjezuwa - Miling’an (Paiwan) / Binay - Alu (Atayal)




我的創作是關於流動的時間中不斷變異與被淡忘的「記憶」。 當下的記憶不斷地與過去經驗交疊,而過去的回憶透過不同的記憶場景再回到現在遇見新的當前記憶。

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